Meet our Pastor

Pastor Paul Trentacoste

The Pentecostals of Mandeville know Paul Trentacoste as a family-focused, energetic leader and a compassionate, supportive friend. Paul’s love for people is apparent in each warm, hearty greeting and in his genuine concern for their spiritual and physical well-being. He demonstrates a relentless pursuit of excellence in service to his church and community members, and his unique ministry offers a fresh perspective of the Pentecostal experience, which has truly transformed their lives!

Paul Trentacoste and his wife Malinda came to Louisiana from Long Island, New York in 1999, relocating close to Malinda’s longtime home. They share a remarkable testimony of redemption and faith, a story that includes their appointment as pastors of The Pentecostals of Mandeville in 2004, where he has served for more than 16 years. Paul enjoys investing in men’s ministry and mentoring future leaders.  Together with Malinda, he loves building relationships and teaching home Bible studies to families and individuals throughout their community.  

As a result of Paul and Malinda’s dedication and vision, the POM is now a thriving center of compassion and hope in southeast Louisiana’s North Shore area.