The Pentecostals of Mandeville

Meet the POM Staff


Pastor Paul

Senior Pastor

Pastor Paul is the founding plant pastor of The Pentecostals of Mandeville. Born and raised on Long Island, New York he relocated to Mandeville, Louisiana in 1999, with his wife Malinda and was appointed pastor of the POM in August of 2004. Paul & Malinda's unique ministry offers a fresh perspective and excitement for the Pentecostal experience that has truly transformed their lives! As a result of their incredible passion and profound love for people, coupled with great vision, the POM is steadfastly growing into an emerging 21st Century Apostolic church.


Malinda Trentacoste

First Lady

Malinda and her husband Paul, currently pastor The Pentecostals of Mandeville, located in Mandeville, Louisiana. Prior to their launching a satellite church in 2004, Malinda held various leadership positions at her home church, The Pentecostals of Lee Road, which included Home Friendship Group Director, Prison Outreach Coordinator, and Public Relations Director. In 2006, Malinda was also appointed as Sectional Women's Ministry Director. In addition to the many roles that she fulfills as a pastor's wife, Malinda possess a unique gift and anointing in her teaching of the word of God. Malinda has had the opportunity to travel and speak with audiences on a local, national, and international level. As a result of her unique testimony, Malinda is able to share a fresh perspective and excitement for the Pentecostal experience that has truly transformed her life.


Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre; Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.


Kerry Grant

Assistant/Worship Arts Pastor

Kerry has served as the assistant and worship arts pastor at The Pentecostals of Mandeville since its beginning. Born and raised in Hope Arkansas, he was the child of home missions pastor Rev. Wayne Grant. In 1987 his family relocated to Mississippi where they pastored for several years until his father retired. He then relocated to Covington Louisiana where he served as a musician, media director and small groups pastor. In August of 2004 Kerry and Traci were appointed to assist Pastor and Sister Trentacoste at The POM. He has worked faithfully to establish a Jesus worship culture at The POM.


Traci Grant

Children's Ministries

Traci and her husband of 20 years have served as the assistant pastors at The Pentecostals of Mandeville since 2004. Born and raised in Lake Charles Louisiana, Traci is a product of the bus outreach ministry at Eastwood Pentecostal Church pastored by Murrell Ewing. Since 2004, Traci has also passionately served as the children's ministries coordinator where she diligently loves, works and invests in the lives of our children.


Mike Cook

Student Ministry Leader

Mike and his family made POM their home in 2006 after his relocation to the area with his job at Coca-Cola where he currently is employed. Mike and his wife Sophia of 20 years have one child, Michael-Anthony who is their miracle boy, (you have to ask him the story). Mike is a pastoral assistant and leads the student education department at POM. He loves to serve, teach and develop future leaders in the Kingdom of God.


Sophia Cook

Student Ministry Leader

Sophia and her husband Mike lead the Sunday school ministry at the POM. Sophia grew up at the First Pentecostals on Denham Springs, La with Rev. Ray Johnson as her pastor. She spent her first 10 years of marriage in West Monroe, La working as Sunday school teacher and in nursing home ministry. After relocating with Mike’s job and walking into the POM in 2006, she felt right at home and has never looked back! While at the POM Sophia and Mike have served as Youth Pastor, Sunday school teacher, Student Education director, VBS coordinator and worshiper. Sophia loves spending time with family, friends and gardening. She is no longer a social coffee drinker, but is now up to one cup a day…sometimes two.


And let these also first be proved; then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless.


Maurisha Lejeune

Administrative Assistant